UC Guards Stanford's Axe

Tomorrow evening hundreds of University of California students will frenziedly parade in the Greek Theatre when the Stanford Axe is unveiled at the rally for the Bear crew.

In the early 1900's some California rooters managed to kidnap the huge Stanford Axe from its guardians. Since that time, Stanfordites have been able to view the fabled weapon only by attending the rallies at Berkeley.

Numerous attempts to rescue the instrument have gone for naught. Despite their successful retention of the Axe, the Californians are loosing confidence in their ability to retain possession. When it is taken from the vaults of a Berkeley bank Thursday, it will be conveyed to the Greek Theatre in an armored car with a strong freshman convoy, instead of the usual guard.

"We can naturally expect some designs on the part of Stanford students, but they will no doubt prove as ineffectual as they have been in the past years if freshman do not relax their vigilence during the transportation," is the latest pronunciation from officials in charge.

Stanford students might raid the procession and recover the Axe, but those participating would not receive the ovation from their schoolmates that might be expected. Stanford has progressed without the Axe for so many years that its return probably would not mean much.

Web Historian's Note:
This editorial appeared in the Stanford Daily just two days before the Immortal Twenty-One reclaimed the Axe and brought it back to Stanford. Two days later, the words "AXE REGAINED!" dominated the front page of the Daily. A cover story ran describing the impromptu rally where hundreds of excited Cardinal students woke to cheer on their triumphant schoolmates -- the very ovation that the Daily editors did not believe would happen. This editorial demonstrates the essence of Axe history: ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!