Give 'em The Axe?


It has been proposed that Stanford put up its Axe as a Big Game trophy, to be kept by the winner of the annual Card-Bear football classic.

The Stanford student body should consider well this plan before acting favorably upon it.

The Axe is not and never was a trophy to be passed from hand to hand. It is a symbol of Stanford just as Cardinal is a symbol of Stanford. The Axe and Stanford are inalienable.

It is no more reasonable to put the Axe as a Big Game trophy than it would be to put up the Cardinal colors as the spoils of victory.

The Axe is Stanford's Axe. It is not and never was California's. If the ancient weapon, returned home after 31 years, were disposed of according to this proposal, it would be a game of "Heads I win, tails you lose." California would be the winner; Stanford the loser.

If men and women here on the Farm are inclined to treat this matter seriously, they should propose that California put up her Golden Bear along with the Cardinal Axe as a Big Game trophy. Would not that be more equable, more reasonable?

No matter what is done, the wishes of that intrepid band of 21 should have much weight in governing the decision. If a tradition is to be originated in this connection, those who made possible such a tradition should be consulted.

No spirit of collegiate animosity dictates the Daily's stand in this matter; nor any idea of sophomoric rivalry. It is simply common sense.