Gold Axe Emblem, Block "S" Card Go To Each Member of Famous Band

Throndson Gets Block "S" 18 Swimmers Circle "S," Concert Manager Chosen

Golden Axe Emblems and Block "S" Cards for each and every member of the now famous "twenty-one" who recaptured the Stanford Axe from the University of California last Thursday night. That was the unanimous decision of the Executive Committee at its first meeting of the Spring Quarter last Thursday night. The emblem, a watch charm, is to be selected by a specially appointed A.S.S.U. Committee, and the granting of the Block "S" Cards is to requested of the Board of Athletic Control by the student members of the board, under instruction. Various awards were discussed, the Block "S" Card and the emblem being selected because of their permanent value to the holders. A resolution was passed expressing the desire of the Executive Committee for a new Stanford Song, written on the Axe theme. Manuscript contributions from alumni and friends of the University as well as members of the student body will be welcomed by the Committee. Paul Speegle, head yell leader, was authorized to attend the Stanford-U.S.C. track meet at Los Angeles in an official capacity to lead the Stanford rooters at the meet. Carl E. McDowell was appointed A.S.S.U. Concert Series Manager, Charles Hamman was named House Manager, and Barbara Beach Thompson Office Manager, for the 1930-31 season. Edward Throndson was awarded a Block "S" for winning the National Intercollegiate Diving Championship. Circle block "S" awards were granted to the following members of the varsity swimming team: Ward Woods, David Thomas, Frank Booth, Austin Clapp, Ferdinand Fletcher, John Trotter, Edward Throndson, William Cundall, Truman Parker, John McKelvey, William Campbell, Barret Brown, Milton Burns, Ogden Driggs, Reginald Harrison, Norton Thorton, Lawrence Harris, and C. M. Linton. Circle block numerals were awarded to the following members of the freshman swimming and water polo teams: Arthur Simons, Roy Danford, Masura Nakayama, Joseph Knapp, John Gardener, Bert Summers, Bradford Pease, John Robb, Sidney Mitchell, Page Edwards, George Fraser, Homer Boushey, William Warren, John Bronte, and Albert Throndson.