Bears Try Axe Theft

Stanford still has its Axe today after another attempt by University of California students to steal the symbol of Stanford-Cal rivalry failed at 4 a.m. yesterday.

The two California students, Hugh Wallace, 20, and Edwin Burrell, 18, were caught by Officer Dan Hickey after they forced their way into the Cellar to get the Axe.

Broken Window
At 4 a.m. yesterday Officer Hickey found a broken window and saw the boys inside the building. He entered the Cellar and found the California students huddled behind the candy counter. He immediately made the arrest.

Hickey is the same officer who arrested six California students last June making a similar attempt to steal the Axe.

"To Promote Spirit"
Police reported that the students said they were stealing the Axe "to promote school spirit at Cal." The attempted theft was the third such try in the past year.

The two students are awaiting sentence now in the Palo Alto jail. They spent the rest of Wednesday night and all Thursday there.

Suspended Sentences Dean John Stalnaker said that the students would probably be given suspended sentences after the charge had been reduced and would then be returned to the University of California authorities.

Stalnaker went on to say that he felt it necessary to prefer charges against the students because of the risks involved. "These boys entered a private building and there is a great danger that they might have been killed," he added.

Gordon Davis, head of the Stanford police department, said that he "was under the impression that Stanford students had never tried to steal the Axe when it was in California's possession from 1936 to 1940"

Stanford painted the Big "C" red two weeks ago and it is supposed that the attempted Axe steal was in retaliation for the painting.