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History of the Committee

Axe Comm regards its original members as the Immortal 21, the brave souls that reclaimed the Stanford Axe from Cal in 1930. Since then, there have been several different evolutions throughout the decades. The modern version of the Axe Committee has been in existence since 1982.

What We Do

Our primary responsibility is the care and security of the Stanford Axe, the trophy awarded annually to the winner of the Big Game. In addition, we attend most major Stanford Athletics events to promote spirit and excitement among the student sections and other fans.

At home football games, you’ll see us blowing the Stanford Train Whistle when we score, running flags, raising and lowering nets, and generally having a great time watching Stanford dominate.

At home basketball games, you’ll see us waving the Stanford flags during pregame introductions and timeouts and throwing t-shirts into the crowd.

Who We Are

Members of the Axe Committee are students from all corners of campus with one thing in common — a love and appreciation for all things Stanford. We also have a strong base of alumni members.

2022-2023 Leadership

  • Chair: Merissa Rieken (, '23

  • Vice Chair: TaNia Donatto, '23

  • Financial Officer: Michael Peters, '24

  • Directors of Gameday Operations: Sydney Nagy, '23 and Jayela Lopez, '24

  • Director of Big Game Operations: Hayden Henry, '25 and Isabella Terrazas, '25

  • Director of Recruitment: Caroline Berg, '24

  • Social Chairs: Lily Rashes, '25 and Itbaan Nafi, '24

  • Director of Communications: Anna Aitken, '24

  • Chairs Emeritus: Jared Diaz '23 ( Alex Bradfield, '22 (, Carlino Cuono, '22 (